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Education for our children should be well rounded. In past generations going to school meant practicing good manners, being respectful and having obligations. This is true for today as it was for our past.

Our parents told us that our actions were a reflection of our home. If they did not tell us, we certainly understood that our misbehaving would embarrass our parents. Many of us were told that if it felt wrong it was wrong to do. This is called conscience!

In the Catholic Schools this continues to be a practice. Teachers are expected to model for students moral values and to teach about making the right choices. It is my observation that in the hopes to be all inclusive and accepting all differences sometimes we have diluted our moral values. For example understanding that a child is being aggressive in the classroom because his parents are having many tensions at home does not excuse hitting and hurting others. In times when we recognize the origin of a behavior it is our job to guide children on what to do with their feelings. Feelings are never wrong, but what we do with them could either be wrong or right.

I advocate for Catholic Education because our Catholic Curriculum embraces the whole child. Our curriculum feeds academic excellence and teaches children to consider what is right and what is wrong. Catholic education has a framework that constantly tells children that the choices they make have consequence and that our role models have worked hard at being good and making the right choices.

Children in Catholic Schools are respectful because they are taught reverence. They are loved and they constantly experience opportunities to be generous, considerate, and to act as Jesus would.

december, 2018

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